Friday, June 11, 2010

Summer on its way!

As I sit here looking out the new supersized window in the living room, overseeing our pasture and side yard, I am again struck by how blessed we are to be living in this beautiful and peaceful environment. I work in the city of Gloversville, which is a city by any standards. The fact that I can drive the eight miles and be in the country, far away from everyone and everything, is such a bonus to me. I am in my glory. We have a busy weekend ahead of us, but it is not at OUR theatre. It is at another theatre that is in Johnstown, and I am thoroughly looking forward to seeing our friends in a production of Moon Over Buffalo. This is theatre of the best kind, because the scenery, the take at the door, the logistics of putting on a very ambitious production are NOT MY PROBLEM! I am able to go and enjoy the show for all it is worth. And then go home. These moments remind me why I love theatre so much. Sometimes, it is hard to remember. Allison rejoiced at her last day of school yesterday, and we rejoiced right along with her. The stress of the morning bus routine is put on hold for two solid months. There will be no idling bus outside the house, wondering whether she will be making it or not. As you can see, today I am appreciating the little things. There are still exams next week, but classes are over. I am now officially the parent of a High School Junior. My baby is growing up too fast! Sorry Allie. You will always be my baby, as will the rest of our grown up children. All our babies. Speaking of, Nicole and Mike are barreling down on August, when Michael Jr. will be arriving. We are excited. The summer activities are still being planned, and our schedule is still in progress, but it feels as though this year is going by way too fast. I think I might have missed spring. But things are happening, which is always good. Progress. The Amish are out in full force, setting up their booths and selling their baked goods in town. I love passing the horse and buggy as we drive to school (the bus has been missed a few times the past week-we have been driving-as I said, stress!) But passing the Amish on the way down the mountain is perfectly lovely in the morning. It puts everything in perspective. Slow down and smell the pastures! I have been looking back at the blogs of the past two years (two years! I can't believe it) and I am struck by all the things that we have done - I had forgotten some. Blogging is a wonderful way to keep the moments of your life alive. Things that may be minor enough to forget, return as a fond and funny memory. I was never a fan of a journal, because really, writing to yourself seemed kind of redundant. But knowing someone will be reading your blog keeps your thoughts and your choices somewhat open and honest. That's the idea anyway. For instance, Allison and I had a discussion last night about how to share the circumstances of my cracked rib. She felt that lying about it was perfectly acceptable, because the truth of it was so embarassing that it was not to be shared. I, however, have a different approach. I choose to see the humor in it, and hope that someone else will too. Right before they cart me off to the old folks home. As you may be aware, our living room was being renovated and worked on for the past few weeks. During this process, we were essentially living in the bedroom because all the living room "stuff" had been moved into the kitchen, which meant there was no place to sit down. The floors were being plywooded and the recliner had been set down on an uneven section of the floor. At some point on Sunday, being totally exhausted from the activities of Relay for Life on Friday and the Theatre's fundraising auction on Saturday, I moved the drop cloth off the recliner and was reading. That was all I COULD do, I was plum tuckered out. So parking my butt into the recliner was an OK option. At one point, I got hungry for a snack, and decided to get out of the chair and go get something to eat. Unfortunately, due to the uneven placement of the recliner, the mechanics of the foot rest would not allow it to fold back into the upright position, and so I began to rock back and forth. Apparently, I rocked a little too hard because I felt a sharp stabbling pain in my right rib, the spot that I had cracked a few years back chasing Daphne on the New York State Thruway (that's another story for another day). I guess the healed rib re-cracked itself, and I have been in acute pain ever since. Allison has determined that the facts of this injury (following close on the heels of my Alice in Wonderland cracked shin) indicate that I am a bumbling idiot and should be lied about in order to protect my rapidly deteriorating reputation. As what? A graceful member of society? Honey, that boat has sailed. We all know that I am somewhat of a klutz, and I blame it simply on moving too fast. I should slow down. Maybe I'll sit in the recliner for awhile.

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