Tuesday, November 3, 2009

As I drove down the road last night on the way to the theatre for a meeting, I was slowed by two deer sightings. TWO! The first was along the side of the road, and I didn't notice her until I was right alongside. The other happened as I slowed to take a picture of the autumn moon over a field, and as I turned back to the wheel to continue driving, there was a deer standing in front of my car. Just standing there looking at me. My point is this. . . in the space of ten minutes, which is how long it takes me to get to the bottom of our road (4.4 miles) I spotted two deer. Hunters up and down the road have been parked at the crack of dawn and all through the day trying to find these things. I don't see many hunters, just their cars, but they should know that the deer are OUT IN THE ROAD. COME OUT OF THE WOODS GUYS! I FOUND THEM! Sorry-couldn't help myself. I just laughed a little to myself and went on my way. We have a fun group at the theater, which is why I keep going back day after day. Right now we are working on the Christmas Magic of December 5th, which includes a harvest market for vendors from 9-1, a children's christmas show from 2-4, and an adult Christmas extravaganza from 7-10. Three events in one day! This has been a marketing blitz that we are all very proud of. Not to mention that bringing so many people into the theater is a thrill. The more that come in, the more the word is out-the Glove Theater is back on its feet! I am in the process of trying to get some grant $$ for restoration, and the money is out there. We just have to get it over here. That's our mission. So I work, I blog, I sleep, I run, and now, as of this weekend, I will be spinning and knitting in the Blue Line Farm and Apiary corporate offices - our studio is set up! We are operating out of the lower level (basement sounds so cold and dreary) and it is set up for work! Anything creative goes down there-wool,alpaca,painting,weaving,spinning,honey,honey products and all that. We're in business! Actually, we've been in business, but not its all in one place - I LOVE THAT! I finally have a spot to place all the acoutrements of the knitting and spinning field. Socks stretchers, knitty noddies, spindles, yarn wrappers and steamers. The sewing machine is also going down there, since finally I can work on a project and not have to postpone dinner for three days while I work on it. The dining room table used to be the spot for cutting and pinning, and eventually just became easier NOT to do it then to take any projects on. So yes, we're busy. We're in negotiations for a kitten, and slowly I am chipping away at Jerry's concerns. What's not to love? Allison has already named her Nala. And I am trying hard to be objective because I agree, we do have a full house when it comes to pets. But isn't that the very nature of rescue? She is living around the corner and we are just waiting for the high sign. It could take some time. But Allie and I are both on a mission of sorts. Bring Nala Home. As I was driving Allison to school the other day, it dawned on me as I careened around a corner and overtook the Amish buggy; I am comfortable here. I fit in. It is where I should be at this point in my life. All of a sudden everything is right with the world. And a feeling of peace settled around me. Whatever the future brings, I know that these years in the country have soothed my soul. It was just what the doctor ordered. And so today, I'm off to the theatre. We're busy writing songs for an upcoming production.

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