Friday, October 9, 2009

More Rough Board Planking Photo's

Well Gang , here are a few more
Rough Board Planking Photo's Being Installed in the Bedroom.
Daphne Giving it her seal of approval.
They are still working on it today doing the bedroom cathedral ceiling, these are photo's from last night after they left.
Early this morning @ about 3:30 or 4:00 am Walter , his girl friend Jackie & Sal arrived ready to do some 4 wheeling.. Glad you guys are here but I am tired and did not stay up long.... Jen gave them a little more time before she headed back into sleepy time.
All quiet now ( Except for carpenters working) as Jen's has gone into the office at the theatre to make a few phone calls and paperwork, The guests took a ride into town to pick up some supplies and visit with Jen to see her new work digs.
We had Ali's High school Swim Team Spaghetti Dinner here last night. Jen had made her worlds famous Mac & Cheese, I made a little pasta on the side with sauce for those who wanted that... Bread, Butter, Salad, Drinks and Cake..... We had a poor showing from the swim team as it's hard to find us sometimes in the dark....
I wrote directions and made a map for Ali to hand out... If you get lost anywhere near here and try to use your cell phone to get un-lost , you are just outta luck....No Cell Service here. Long and short of it some must have got lost and returned home, we have plenty left over for Walt and his gang.
Looks like fun!!!!!
After the crew from swim team left our house Jen & I headed into The Glove Theatre for rehearsal as I have said in the past, Jen is also producing a show as it was almost canceled when the shows producers had to back out. Jen would not let that happen and took over the reins and we have a great show coming. Got home close to 11 pm.
Til Next time Gang......Jerry

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