Tuesday, October 27, 2009

catching up a little

It's been a few days since my last blog. I have been busy busy at the theatre, and still pinching myself when I think of my job. What other job allows you to go to a Halloween fair and spend the day with a bunch of kids in costume, face painting and handing out candy. It amazes me everytime I think of it. We had such a busy weekend that by time I sat down to chronicle the activities I was just too darn tired. We are tiptoeing around the thermostat these days. There's a real balancing act trying to get the regular heat, the pellet stove and the humidifier all set correctly. When they are all set at the proper temperature and effect, the house runs smoothly. When they are Out Of Balance, it is a miserable condition. Too hot, too cold, runny nose, uncomfortable. These are the first days of autumn where they are all running all the time. It takes a few tries to get it right, and we're almost there. Last night, I slept perfectly. The air was just right. I'm starting to feel a bit like goldilocks. Apparently, she is down to two bears. I did see the pictures of the bear from down the road, and I wasn't necessarily upset about that. I probably should be more of an animal rights activist considering my love of dogs, but I just dont feel the same sense of outrage when I see a wild animal hunted. It just doesn't move me the way seeing a dog or cat or other animal that is captive being abused. I guess I kind of feel that the "wild" animal is hunted because it is truly survival of the fittest. And we are the fittest right now. I have no doubt that if the bear could take me out, he would. Who who advocate for me? His friends? I don't think so. But a small animal in captivity not being treated right? I am his advocate. He is being captive because we choose to keep him. So treat him right. That's my feeling. It gets a bit complicated when you live among hunters and gatherers. I've seen more camoflage in the past few weeks then I've ever seen in my lifetime. It's the uniform of autumn. Now if women were hunting more often than they do, there would be a whole different uniform. Camo be damned-it would be alot flashier for sure. If you're going to do camo, why not a little fur around the hood? After all, it's cold out there. the pants would not be so baggy. They would be more like ski pants. Effective but attractive. A little form fitting. And the boots? There would be uggs in the woods that I am sure of. All these men are dressed in boring, colorless, shapeless and ugly outerwear. What a lost opportunity for fashion. There is a huge market out there that maybe would hunt if they could look a little snazzy in the process. Leave it to women to find a new sport to accessorize. A tree stand would be Martha'd in no time. Painted, carpeted and possibly curtained. We grab any opportunity to decorate that we can. Certainly some throw pillows tossed about for comfort. I'm telling you there is no end to the possibilities. It's different here though. People dress for function first. Then form. I've caught myself on more then one occasion tripping into town in an outfit that I would have considered unacceptable less than two years ago. Not so anymore. There are different rules. Or better yet, no rules. Ain't it grand?

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