Saturday, August 8, 2009

Chill In The Air!

Well Gang It's a Little Chilly here this morning.....48 degrees, Woooo Hooooo! If you are Planing a trip here bring your winter P.J's Still a lot of summer left here and I hear next week it's going to be HOT . We have our 1st Garden tomato that has started to turn red, it's about 1/3 done. I suspect that soon all the tomatoes will start ripening, Jen get those canning tools ready! We sort of had a down day yesterday with each of us enjoying the day. Jen got some painting in on the back deck in the sun......I on the other hand assembled some bee hive frames on the front porch in the shade. Baily giving Jen a ""Hint"" that he wants to be in the painting. New Bee Hive Fames
Daphne and Me watching the Yankee Game
Looks Like she would like a chip,
not sure but she might be a Red socks Fan. (Hey Guy, get a Little Sun on those legs.)
Sunday Looks like I will be Robbing the Bee, Anyone looking for Honey? Give us a call.
Gang Still a lot of great summer time stuff to do here, Lake is warm, Camp Fires to make Smores and stories to be told. Many Memories to be made so come on up and help us finish this part of the summer before we start the next season here......Apple Picking , Pumpkin Hunts, Hot Apple Cider and Leaf Peeping. A few days after Labor Day it gets cold here and the fire place / Pellet Stove comes on for the season at least part of the day.
Today I'm hoping to make it down to the lake with Jen, Later today they are having an Ice Cream social on the lake, Seems they make the BEST Ice Cream here in the ADK's.
Nicole ,Mike & Payton.....Jackie & Jessie, Brian & Ashly and Walter & ??? We Miss You, Come Back soon.
Thats it for now Gang, Til Next time........ Jerry

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