Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Bees, the Irish and Retail Therapy

Well, I am coming clean. I did NOT make it to the Amish community yesterday with Dan for the peach pickup. I slept late enough to even forget that I was supposed to meet him at 7:30. I can remember the days not so long ago when I was dressed and out the door on my way to work, and if I haden't left by 7:30, I was late. Wow. How did I pull that off? I can't remember that much. It wasn't until about two in the afternoon when Dan stopped by to drop off their dog Angel and brought some peaches for us that I remember "oh yeah! Peaches!" Sorry Dan. Thanks though. The peaches are great! Angel is staying with us for a few days while Dan and Jennie travel to New Hampshire for a quilting show. Angel has become one of our own, just as our dogs are so comfortable with Dan and Jennie. It's a nice arrangement for us all, and I think Angel likes to be part of a pack for a few days. After a few days I do believe she sees the benefit of being an "only dog", and is so happy when her folks comes home. But right now she is snoozing on the couch after being walked and having had some breakfast. She seems OK to me. The other dogs are in their respective nap locations and resting quietly. I will say this about our dogs, they have embraced the daily nap in a big way. I too enjoy my nap, but generally it is more of an afternoon thing. The dogs have a morning AND afternoon nap. More like an infant. I have a few projects on the list today, and am still deciding in which order they should be tackled, or even if they deserve to be on the list at all. This deliberation could take some time. Jerry has left for Ballston Spa to go Bee Hunting (removing bees from a house under construction). I went with him yesterday to assess the job, and was charmed by this little house with so much character. In real estate terms, character means money. On the outgoing end, not the incoming end. This place was a project for sure, but was loaded with charm. They were covering the clapboard with vinyl siding and had replaced all the windows. In the process, the bees had revealed themselves to be living quite happily in the wall, and were not leaving without a fight. Jerry was called and we met another beekeeper from Malta at the house. This was a two man job, and the other man has a thick irish brogue. We met John Daly for the first time and he was gracious and pleasant (as are ALL the irish). So today, German Jerry and Irish John will be working together removing the bees. It should make for some interesting conversation. By the time Jerry comes home, he will have a brogue as well. It's just something you up pick up quickly. Speaking of Irish, Allison sent me a facebook note last night looking for some direction regarding a youth cultural summer trip to Ireland. I assume she meant next year because a trip of this magnitude would involve some major fundraising. With college just a few years away, I don't know that a summer trip to Ireland is in her cards. It's not in mine. My point that if she took a summer job as a waitress in the Catskills she would probably have the same cultural experience and MAKE money instead of spending it was not taken with the humor in which it was intended. I try. She has been gone about three weeks now, and we are missing her too much. Time's up. Come home. I'm running out of busy work. There are a few jobs here that need to be done, and I could probably take them on singly, but I have a little anxiety about getting in too deep with something and THEN who do I call? Dan and Jennie are out of town. Jerry is in Ballston Spa. Something like painting the front door should not be too dangerous. OR I could go shopping. That has always proven to be a safe activity. If I hurry, I can catch Peebles as they open the doors. Have a great day!

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