Monday, February 9, 2009

A Sunny Day Walk :>)

Well gang we did get some "D" from the sun today. Warm too! This is the church that boarders our property and it's cemetery . Very quite here today . As you may or may not know our bee yard is at the the back of the cemetery so I have to walk the edge to get to the bee yard. The church and cemetery looked picturesque so I took a shot With some warmth I figured it's time to open some of the bee hive entrances so that the bees can get out and do a cleansing flight ... You know, get rid of bee poo. That's if any are still alive. I might get a better idea tomorrow if it warms up to 50 and they fly...I will see the poo out on the snow
Had to dig down a few feet.
While digging did see some frozen bees outside of hive...a good sign because I cleaned the entrances in the beginning of January and those bees not there (out front) so still could be alive
The snow acts like insulation keeping the warmth inside, the bee's are trying to keep inside of hive warm by eating honey and moving wings at high rate
Jake and Bailey got a little run around time too. LQQK who's not on a lead!
Bailey is doing better off the lead but still not 100 percent. A walk in the pasture
"RUN FOREST !!!!! ,RUN!!!!!"
Til next time Gang.......

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