Thursday, February 5, 2009

Home Shopping

Good morning! After a few days in bed, I have come to love Home Shopping Network. This is something I have always been aware of, but never really delved into. I was sleeping fitfully this week, with some kind of stomach virus that was keeping me awake for long periods of time during the night. The first night, I was watching as somewhat of an outsider, wondering what would posess someone in Texas to call in and wait to speak to one of the on-air personalities about their purchase. It seemed rather sad to me, that you would be willing to converse with a total stranger, not to mention the TV watching public, about what you just bought and how you are so excited about that. Pitiful really. By the third night, I was considering calling because these on-air personalities have become my nighttime friends. I was not seeing anything that I wanted to buy, yet. And the necessity of getting up from the bed to collect my pocketbook, credit card and eyeglasses was too much effort. If I could do that, I could be up during the day and I wouldn't be sleeping so fitfully during the night. But the possibility was there. And the clearance items that were being showcased were enough to get me thinking about possibly shopping early for this year's Christmas. So as not to let that debacle happen again. You understand. By the time the morning rolls around and I have to get up to coax Allison into the day, the show is winding down, and they would have you believe they are practically giving things away. So far I haven't bitten, but I may go to bed tonight with my pocketbook and eyeglasses bedside. Allison and I are off to our Irish Dance Class tonight. Nothing like flitting around the studio with young teenagers to make you feel your age, but anything that gets me out and about and dancing and laughing is a good thing. So off we'll go. Stay warm friends.

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