Tuesday, December 27, 2011


The build up to the holidays is very stressful for everyone. The gifts must be purchased, wrapped, sorted, tagged, packed, loaded and in my case, forgotten.  I worked a full year on an afghan for my son and his significant other (there's got to be a better term than THAT!) With jut a few finishing touches required, I didn't wrap this beautiful work of art, instead planning to finish it up in the four hour ride to Long Island.  With that in mind, I'm sure you know what I'm going to say-that's right, I forgot it.  We left at 6:00 a.m., and without a full coffee-inspired reaction, I was unable to remember this one handmade gift.  We packed for ten or eleven family members, and I must say that I did that (with my daughter's assistance) very well.  Each family was sorted and packed into one single and large gift bag, marked with the location. We made a few stops over the holidays, and each one was well planned.  Except for the afghan.  I didn't even remember it until my son walked into the house and I looked at him to say hello.  At that moment, it came crashing down around me.  I didn't have their afghan. Damn, damn and double damn!
 And so, with this year's faux pas fresh in my mind, I am planning and looking to next year with high hopes and great expectaations. I will be buying early, wrapping early, sorting early, and FINISHING early. I will take on nothing larger than a scarf or hat, and it will be manageable enough to be completed by November, at the very latest. I have the wool, I love to knit, and this should not be a problem.  As soon as the tree i removed, I will be bringing my spinning wheel upstairs from the studio.  I will finish!  As far as resolutions go, I am not making any except for my annual resolution. I fully intend to monitor the language that comes out of my mouth and to fully eliminate any words that would offend. I tend to have the mouth of a sailor sometime, and I hate it!  I make this resolution each year, and every year it is followed a little longer into the calendar.  I won't say how long it goes, but I will admit that I usually have to re-remind myself around Lent.  Quit the cursing!  I try.  I think it is a valued resolution, and I give it my best shot.  Anyone with an interesting resolution?  Quite possibly there is a cursing support group I could become a member of. 

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