Friday, June 24, 2011

It could have gone either way

It never seems so long between blogs until I sit down and look at the LAST blog I wrote-and then I realize how long it's been. It's been dreary here, after a few glorious days over the past weekend. The bullfrogs are getting louder and louder-they sound like men now-deep throated and bullish. We're expecting company over the weekend and our house is spit and polished. I was shopping in town last week at a little shop on Main Street, and as I was browsing I heard the little old lady behind me say "do you know what you're having?" I was afraid to turn around because then I would KNOW that she was speaking to me. There were a few other people in the shop. I turned around and again was asked "do you know what you're having?" I should have been outraged that she was considering me to be pregnant due to the baggy shirt that I had on. I twas a totally reasonable assumption considering the outfit I had thrown on to get into town for certain errands. Just a baggy shirt over a pair of shorts and sandles. But really! I was mulling this over as I quickly worked out in my brain how I was going to respond to this horrific insult. I do know that even if I see someone about to drop a 10 pound baby inn the next hour, I make no mention of it until she FIRST says something about her pregnancy/imminent blessing, because I would be mortified if I was ever wrong. But this woman had no fear. She had gone where no man had gone before, the horrific social gaffe of assuming someone is pregnant. But in that split second of decision, I decided to be flattered that she thought I was YOUNG ENOUGH to be pregnant! Because at my age, that is quite a stretch after all! I just smiled and said "oh no, not me, it's just the shirt" with a laugh. She has no idea how lucky she was! It could have gone either way. I could have been outraged! As I got into my car I just had to laugh and thought "me? Pregnant?" Wow! Do I look that young? I guess it's just how you look at things. I walked with a certain spring in my step after that compliment! Have a great day!

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