Saturday, April 2, 2011


Although happiness for a lottery winner is what I always feel, especially when they turn out to be hard working "regular" guys like you and I, the last group of winners, commonly known as "The Lucky Seven" have completely destroyed any hope I have of winning any type of lottery. Why you ask? Because one of those lucky seven is from Johnstown, New York. Damn! My home town. My disappointment stems from the fact that the odds of winning the lottery are already quite large, like one in 100 million. What are the odds of two winners from the same home town winning 19 million dollars? That is the amount that each of the lucky seven brought home from their win of the 319 million dollar New York State Lottery. And so, as I said, "Damn". Congratulations Mr. Leon Peck of Whitemore Ave., Johnstown, New York. You've effectively ruined any chance that I might have of winning the big one. the one that we all hope of winning someday. We talk often about what we would do with a win that large, and even of a smaller win, say one million. Nowadays, one million is no big deal. I remember growing up and driving by the home of Perry Como, in Sands Point, the village next to Port Washington, where I grew up. I remember vividly my father telling us that the home cost "over $100,000.00". Nowadays in Sands Point, that might be your tax obligation. Not a home. So a win of one million, well, let's just say it won't be sneezed at, but it has a different thrill level than 19 million, which was Mr. Peck's take home after sharing the $319 million seven ways, and agreeing to take the payout rather than the long-term payout. I would do that too. This way you can share more, and in the event you kick the bucket before the full amount is paid out, at least your wishes have been taken care of. Because sharing is the first thing we think of. Family, organizations, charities. If I won 19 million, I'd be sharing it alot. AFTER, of course, making sure that we were set up nicely. Not extravagantly, but nicely. I would add a southern location, for sure. Someplace closer to our older kids. I would keep this home, because we love it and love living here. It has healed me in more ways than I can count. But a place south, maybe a condo with little maintenance, so Jerry can put away the plow and let someone else handle it. We would finish up the cottage so that we can accomodate all the family all the time. Other than that it would be sharing. And now, Mr. Peck has taken those dreams and effectively removed them. I will still buy the ticket, of course, but without the same sense of excitement and possibility that the winner will be me. So as I said, Damn Mr. Peck, Damn!


Giggle, Laugh, Cry said...

*giggles* Loved your post!
I found your blog through the A-Z Challenge.

baygirl32 said...

well there's always the next lottery..

stopping by for the A to Z

Sandi said...

I understand about the whole "same city" thing. Once, I was like "oh, they are so close to way we're going to win now."

Thanks a lot for that.


Same thing with Vegas trip. Someone wins big on the slots and may as well forget it...very unlikely there will be another huge progressive jackpot paying out that day.