Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Aaaah. Snow. How delightful.

Not. Although I have chosen to take the road marked high (what better road to take?) I'm having a tough time with this. I don't mind blustery big flakes that don't seem to matter, but waking up to a healthy dusting of white this morning was just a bit more than my cheerful nature could take. We're up one dog-to four, and I felt like kicking every one of them. Not that kicking dogs is ever an option. Ever. But that doesn't mean you don't feel like it sometimes. Thankfully, none of the people were home. Allison had blazed a bright and cheerful way out the door this morning (good bye to THAT!) and Jerry was working an early shift today. So I was managing dog chores in the a.m. Following Jake on his morning constitutional, I could see how much he appreciated my shadowy presence written all over his face. He has no idea that I would rather be inside by the pellet stove enjoying my first cup of tea. He's not as interested in reading my face as I am in reading his. Jerry is anticipating working the early shift on Wednesdays until October, and this allows him to take part in the Wednesday night riding group at the stable. Wednesdays have been the shining spot in my week for awhile, and now adding Jerry to our group makes it perfect. All in all, things here at Blue Line Farm are settling in. Spring never comes easy here, and each breakthrough is celebrated by anyone who witnesses it. Yesterday I spoke to a gentlemen who stated that seeing the robins through the snow was his favorite thing. Mine? Seeing the robins by the side of the birdbath, swimming in 90 degree weather. We've a ways to go before that takes hold, but I did see some crocus-type blooms on the side of the pond last Sunday, when I was laying in the water with Jake. It wasn't first and foremost in my mind at that moment, but it has come back to me now that I have the time to ponder it all. Our riding instructor Ron keeps telling us that as soon as the weather breaks we can ride outside. Week after week we are still in the arena, riding around. I am not complaining at all. Inside the arena you can smell the earth and other barn smells, and to my mind, it all smells like spring. I'm ready. Have been for quite some time. Now that I am more able to see the garden area, I can assess what we will need to get started this year. We're going to need a roto-tiller. I can't take it on myself. I am thinking of planting tomatoes in two locations-so as to avoid the blight again. I know that last year was blight-free-but like all gardeners-once burned twice shy. I'm starting to sound like an old soul aren't I? What's up with that?


Bz said...

Nice to meet you through the A-Z challenge! Hope to see you around!

Sarah Allen said...

I know how you feel, we've got snow here too. Ugh.

Sarah Allen
(my creative writing blog)

Jeanne said...

Nice to see your pictures of your charming home. We are at opposite ends in sunny south Florida although I originally came from Illinois. Enough snow for me though. My kids are grown also and so we are empty nesters except for our cats and one wiener dog. Life is good.

Cathy Webster (Olliffe) said...

I know the feeling - I love snow, too but it's awful when you're anticipating spring and yet another snowfall shows up. Sigh.
Love your house and the relaxed feeling to your blog. Paradise indeed.