Thursday, February 17, 2011

Stay on the road

Dear Newport News. If you'd like to sell me a bathing suit, please don't put it on the size four "I haven't eaten in months" model named Bambii. It doesn't make me happy, nor will it sell the suit. I've gone in search of bathing suits at Cabelas, in hopes that they will have more to offer me. signed, Jen I'm doing the catalog surfing these days, and I'm having a lovely time. I've set up orders for bulbs in the garden, seeds for the vegetable patch, a new spring wardrobe and cruise wear. I'm having a ball. Thank God I don't use credit cards, or this could be dangerous. I prefer to pay on time, which means that I'll be able to wear this years spring wardrobe in 2021. Our television watching has changed as well. I now tend to watch a certain channel right through their evenings programming. Is it that I am enjoying the programming or is it that its simply easier than changing the channel to search for something else that I like. After all, if I liked the first program, chances are that the second or third that follows it will be in the same type of humor "family". It's a long shot, but it boils down to the devil you know vs. the devil you don't know. In other words, my standards for watching TV have gotten pretty low. My other choice is going outside, which these days is treacherous. The snow is melting off the roof, which could come crashing down on you when you least expect it, and the snow on the ground is twice as dangerous. Never has a surface been so smooth. Zamboni would be jealous. yesterday when I was returning from a meeting in town, I pulled into the driveway from the north side, turned the wheel to follow the circle and land in front of the house. My wheel was turned, but I was going forward, and then the whole car just slid to the right towards the pond, which now was blocked with a wall of plowed snow. We gently bumped into this plowed safety, and the car came to a stop. I waited until dusk, when the temperature had dropped, and moved the car easily to where I was originally planning on parking. These things don't phase me much any more. I guess I'm used to winter here. That's good, because it lasts until May.

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