Friday, November 12, 2010

Recliner Wars

I am the proud owner of a hand-held immersible mixer. After the Butternut squash fiasco, I determined that this is a kitchen gadget that I simply must have. Now I can make all the soup I want, without the threat of blender destruction, which I will make sure is replaced by Pina colada/Mud slide season. Add to list. We are experiencing incredibly beautiful weather, which belies the change of blog background. I removed the leaf background because we had a few gray days that seemed to indicate fall was over. My bad. We are in the throes of crisp and cold nights with sunny and warm(ish) days. I am preparing to head into the room that we have called the Studio, ever since we decided to make it the headquarters for Blue Line Farm and all the knitting accoutrements that go with it. In addition, we have also stored boxes and boxes of family photos that I simply couldn't unpack. In addition to the renovation issues (hanging pictures, removing pictures, etc.) it is boxes of family photos that are hard to see since my folks passed. It is five years, and it is time to unpack the boxes and put them away. And so, the studio will most like have many pictures on the wall, in addition to all the yarn and needles and farm implements that make us Blue Line Farm. I have the contractor garbage bags ready, and the weeding out in the studio will begin today, temperature permitting. My spinning wheel is down there, and I intend to make the space comfortable enough to allow me to go down and spend a good amount of time creating. I realize I am incredibly blessed to have this kind of space, and I hope to make it warm and inviting. Speaking of warm and inviting, we have been putting the finishing touches in our living room, and as of Monday, all the changes will be put in place. We have been chair shopping and I am totally amazed at the number of uncomfortable chairs out there for sale. Am I so totally picky in this, or is it a national dilemma in that people don't know what comfortable is? I KNOW! I am truly a chair/couch connisseur. I spend ALOT of time in the living room, and I want to sit in a truly comfortable chair. Not easy to find, you would be surprised to know. Some of them are so bad it is as if they had stacked cardboard and covered it with fabric. That bad. Now I realize that if you don't want people "loitering" in your waiting room, picking out furniture is strictly a visual activity. But if you intend to loiter in your living room, which I do, then comfort is the issue. First and formost, it must sink in as if you are being enveloped in softness. No hard corners, no stiff back. But enough support to make it a chair that you can sit in, as opposed to reclining, which I am trying to move out. I purchased the chair while Jerry is at work, and after speaking with him on the phone and being told "if you like it, I'll like it", I signed on the dotted line. I loved this chair and the ottoman I had selected with it. It was a great match and would be a perfect and comfortable replacement for our recliner, which is nearing the end of its visually acceptable life. In my eyes that is. Our recliner resembles a 747 parked in the living room. It was originally purchased for Jerry as a Father's Day gift, and its spot was in our office on Long Island, which held our desk and television. A perfect man-cave that demanded a huge recliner with heat and massage settings. The cadillac of recliners. Never did I intend to have to sit and look at this thing that dwarfs all other reasonable furniture and takes up a considerable amount of room when it is open to full extension. A bit like having a twin bed open in the corner for TV viewing. Design wise-no good. Gotta go. It is comfortable, but so is my bed. If you need to be THAT comfortable, you need to go to bed. Moving here in 2008, it was one of the few pieces of furniture that Jerry was concerned about. He wanted no damage. The thing is indestructable. We lay on it, we lay on it with dogs, food has been spilled and coffee dripped. Essentially, it is the pink elephant in the room. It is Jerry's chair, but he is charming and gracious in that he will invite you to sit and enjoy his recliner. I do. I will admit that the thing is fabulous. A blanket and the remote and I am set for the day. This is the problem. Even I can recognize that it is a fabulous sit. But visually? Never has Home and Garden featured a living room that housed a recliner. If you're looking for a certain "look", a recliner only fits in certain design moments - man caves and football games. I guess I would like that home and garden look, without having to look at this eyesore. The day after my solo furniture expedition, Jerry and I went back to the store for a chair/ottoman viewing prior to its delivery. Now I don't know if you can cancel furniture orders, but that was my first thought when Jerry sat down and said "I'm not giving up my recliner for THIS!" And so, the recliner wars have begun. My thoughts of a full living room redesign have gone out the window. I now have to re-think the furniture placement for a chair and ottoman that are probably larger than I would have chosen had I known the recliner was staying. And yet, I want this chair. I am confident that we can work this out. But I will say this, if Bailey is looking for a piece of furniture to jump up on, I'm sending him to the recliner. Maybe with all the extra "usage" it will eventually break down. One can only hope.

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