Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy thanksgiving!

It's been awhile since I've posted. Happy thanksgiving to you all, and to your families and friends. I'll just share a photo of our latest elf. We've been busy this morning, cooking up the turkey and the sides. After delivering meals for the local church, we came back home to relax and cook. I feel incredibly grateful for that which we have, especially when you are faced with people who have so little. On a holiday like this, it is just wonderful to be so blessed, but more importantly, to realize it. I like to share our blessings when I can, but this week I have been faced with a creature who is not on my guest list. Ever. Our home has been infiltrated by a mouse. This is particularly offensive when we have worked so hard to make the place "tight". Jerry has broken his back to get all the little points of entry sealed up, and has really knocked himself out in this department. I'm sorry to say that somewhere, he has missed a spot. This mouse actually had the audacity to nibble a rather substantial piece off a rutabaga. Now if you know a rutabaga, you know that it is wax sealed and tough to peel. Trust me, I know this because each Thanksgiving when it comes time to peel the damn things I have to call in reinforcements. And the little mouse just ripped his way through the seal and like I said, helped himself. We started out with peanut butter because this is the failsafe way to catch a mouse, we're told. We've done this for two nights in a row, so apparently, we're not catching them, just serving them dinner. I hate to do this on this holiday of all holidays, because I feel I should be a little more giving than to rudely break a poor defenseless mouse's neck while he's trying to get some peanut butter. But really, had he knocked at the door I would have helped. coming into the house and brazenly taking a chunk out of the rutabaga is not allowed. If I wasn't such a faithful user of Tylenol PM I would have been a little afraid to go to sleep last night, lest I hear the telltale "snap!" that indicates a successful trapping endeavor. But I sleep like a baby. Carefully, I checked the trap this morning and alas, was filled with really mixed emotions. No body, no good. I do hope he left of his own accord. It would be much cleaner that way. You'd think with three dogs (small, medium and large) that ONE OF THEM would have noticed a rodent prowling about in the wee hours of the morning? If you didn't know better you'd think that we'd ALL taken Tylenol PM! Not so, but they slept well any way. Watchdogs. Hmmph. That's how we spend our days. Best to you and yours. Happy Thanksgiving.

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Nanette G said...

Hey, get a hold of Rich Hill, he has THE BEST mouse, shall I say, killer?! I was watching our first infiltrator this fall run across my kitchen floor each and every night for a few weeks and told him (he and his father along with Julie run their own pest business) and he had some at my house in a few days....he told me that the bag of it was on the bench in the basement. It was in a plastic bag and I was to put it around the basement in little piles, it's a powder. Well, I kept forgetting to do that but from that day forward, there was no mouse!! Mike finally went downstairs to check to see if the mouse was down there and he wasn't, but the "poison" had been gotten into....they loooooved it and broke into the bag before we even got to spread it round. You see, this "poison" makes them thirsty and they go back outside to find water, drink it and their tummies explode....poor things....but, they aren't in the house anymore!! I'm sure you can put it out so the animals couldn't get to it....and the mouse apparently knows how to get out of your house,he got in!!! Good luck!!