Sunday, September 5, 2010

As I look out our living room window I am watching my son torch the campfire and I wonder to myself "why do they have to do everything to the point of being unsafe?" I guess that is boys. I'm happy to say we are all having a wonderful time and I am hoping that we don't have to test the skills of the Caroga Lake Fire Department. Prayers are welcome. We had quite a drama this morning at breakfast. Having decided at 10:30 to eat breakfast out so that we would not have to clean up or deal with the mess, we landed at Caroga lake's newest diner "1 Chef and a Waitress". We placed our order a few minutes after 11 AM. By 11:55 we still had not been served our breakfast, and were on our third round of coffee. We had already asked our waitress "did you forget us?" and were assured, no no, it's coming. Jerry went up to the counter and asked them "where is our breakfast?" and I was feeling a little uncomfortable about that because I was raised to believe that making waves was rude, and so I would have sat there until Wednesday waiting for breakfast, but Jerry has a much better view of the world and expects at the very least decent and timely service. I have learned that he is right, but I am still always a little uncomfortable when we question anyone. Why is this you ask? I think it has to do with Irish guilt, which is very often the reason for alot of things that make no sense, but yet again I digress. I was shocked when the Owner (who wasn't cooking by the way-which meant who WAS cooking?) said "this isn't MacDonald's-1 Chef and a waitress-that's the name of the business!" Essentially she was saying "take it or leave it." I was shocked because I knew that this was not going to sit well with Jerry, who was now starving and also expected the better answer from an owner to a customer such as "we're very sorry. please have another cup of coffee on the house" or something like that. But her attitude is what sunk her ship. And so, after tipping the waitress (because he is a stand-up guy) we all (Walter and Jackie (walter's Jackie-not Our jackie) and I) followed Jerry out to the cars and down the road a piece to the Coffee Shop where we ordered and were served a very delicious breakfast in 20 minutes time. We should have gone there first. So, note to self: If I am hungry and wish to be served in a timely and professional manner, stay far the hell away from 1 Chef and a Waitress (which should have been named 1 Chef, a Bitch and a Waitress-Truth in Advertising.) They need a new Chef. Splitting up after breakfast, W&J went on to a hike up to Nine Corner Lake, which is a hike-in access only lake outside of Caroga, about 9 tenths of a mile hike. We knew we were not up to that task and worked our way home. We're not waiting for the arrival of my cousin Carrie and planning a nice dinner around the campfire. Allison is feeling a little "under the weather" today and trying to sleep off a nasty cold before school starts on Wednesday. We were all at the Fonda Fair last night and enjoyed The Charlie Daniels Band from the third row. It is turning out to be a great send-off to a lovely summer. If I wasn't such a fan of season changes, I'd say I was sorry to see summer go. But I am looking forward to fall and the changes that brings. S'mores anyone? Happy Labor Day.

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