Wednesday, September 8, 2010

And then there were two

We have seen the departure of Dan and Jennie on Monday night, Walter and Jackie on tuesday, Jerry left for work at 4 AM this morning and Allison is heading off to her first day of school shortly. That leaves only Carrie and I until midmorning sometime. It was a happy full house this weekend and I truthfully hate to see everyone go. It was a beautiful summer that we enjoyed, and I'm sorry its over. There was a rogue moquito in our room last night, and he had a festival on my left ankle. I guess he wanted to get his ya ya's out as well. We all try to fit as much summer into that last weekend as we can, and it is never enough time. but I do know that around here fall lands pretty early. Lucky for me I like fall. This year should be a little bit different in that I truly have NOTHING TO DO. The past years I was either working part time at the costume shop or full time at the theatre. This year, I am doing all time at home. I think physically it is the best choice, but emotionally it will be a real trial for me. What to do? That is the question? Carrie suggested making a list of things I want to get done. as I said to her, "that doesn't sound like a whole lotta fun". Making lists is not going to work for me. I have tried it, and it just becomes another chore. I want to add "fun" to that list, but I'm not sure which way to go about that. I'm thinking on it. Allison and I went to Rotterdam Mall yesterday to finish up her back to school purchses. I was pleasantly surprised in that it was not terribly crowded. We got our goodies and had quite a lovely time together. It is bittersweet as this is only the second to last time we'll do this back to school ritual that has been going on for all time. I remember starting with Jackie and it has not let up since. These last trips with Allison are the wind down of my back to school rituals. Anyway, so here we are. September back to school holds more of a clean slate for me than new Years. It always was a fresh start with whatever was going on. This year I'd like to see me get organized. Somewhat. For the most part I have become to enjoy my laid back attitude about organization Until I can't find something. then it becomes the worst trait humanly possible. Well here's the ride. Good Luck Allison, off we go. . . . . . .

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