Wednesday, August 18, 2010

wah wah wah

As someone who was raised under the rule of "if you haven't got anything nice to say, don't speak", I have been finding it increasingly difficult to blog. Lately, my positive energy and sunshiny outlook have been buried under the sludge of reality. None of these challenges are life threatening and I feel I ought to be able to rise above and triumph, but I find myself really struggling with the day-to-day of celiac disease. Call me a baby, but I really like my gluton. I liked my sugar too and have learned to work around that craving. Now the gluton has been "taken away", which is a juvenile way of looking at this diagnosis, but I will own up to it. Taken Away is how I feel about these dietary restrictions and my psyche is fighting back. Each meal is a challenge in positive thinking. Except Saturday's meal. Knowing I was in the throes of feeling sorry for myself and really wallowing in these circumstances, Jerry suggested a lobster dinner. Have I mentioned that Jerry is my hero? Lobster rates up there as one of my most favorite things to eat, and it just so happens that it has NO GLUTON. NONE! And so, I was able to chow down without remorse or side effect. Thank you Jerry. It helped. I am still struggling each day, and learning which products and choices work for me. Just because something is "gluton free" does not mean it is something you would like to eat. Many of these options are things that I would not choose to eat if I were on a desert island, and unless I have a rapid attitude adjustment I may find myself on just such an island. So, as life's challenges pile up (isn't that what aging is all about - gathering experiences?) I am trying to deal with them as gracefully as possible. Today may be better than yesterday. We're all hoping. My flower pressing skills are improving and I am hoping to have a nice collection by winter when I will finally sit down and attempt to arrange these dried specimens into something artistic and beautiful. The shortened days are forcing me to pick and press just a little faster. Home improvements continue, and our porch is finally done. The woods are ringing out with practicing gun toters, and Bailey is finding his spot behind the recliner to be safer and guaranteed. The shaking and quaking has subsided. I think he feels secure here now. It's a nice commentary on our dog-rehabilitation skills. He's happy. That makes me happy. We're looking forward to labor day weekend. We have secured tickets to the Charlie Daniels Band concert at the Fonda Fair (local county fair) and it should be a real good time. Unfortunately, the beerfest that was the Charlie Daniels of my youth will not be happening. Beer has Gluton. Rats.

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