Sunday, August 15, 2010

Catching Up

OK ,these Pictures not in the order I wanted but they are up and posted.
Baby Michael Collins made it here In August and we are all so happy.
Mother , Father and Baby are all doing well.
We Visited with our new grandchild last weekend and he is just Sooooooo Cute!
Jen Held & Sang to Michael for a good hour. Jen's Looking Like a Young Mother herself,
On the other Hand I'm getting older looking, in Leaps & Bounds
Here's the Old Fat Bastard Holding his Grandson.
Baby Michael on the day he was Born.
Jackie and Jessie came up to the Camp a couple weekends ago with an over night stay, then they headed North to
Niagra Falls. It Was Good to see them, Need them to stay longer. Walter been Just working hard and rumor has it that.....Labor Day He will be visiting.
Ali Has been down state for almost three weeks visiting and coming home in the next couple days, Just in time for Swim Team Practice.......GO ALI !!!!!
Brian Is as most of you heard in the NYC Police Academy So we don't expect to see him for a while. Best Of Luck Brian, They are lucky to have you!
I have taken a Job in Security, working in Albany. It's almost like working back at the old Job. Talk to most retired cops and they will tell you it's not the JOB they miss....It's the Friends that they made along the way that they miss.
Making some new Friends ( Mostly Retired Cops) Having some Laughs along the way.
Jen & I are Just about done with the construction of the front porch, and it appears any day now the new siding will be going up which will really give the old camp some curb appeal.
Seems that Summer is starting to wind down here in the Adirondacks....Labor Day will mark the end of summer but will also mark the start of our heating season here at the camp. Leaves are already starting to turn a little and if you watch close you can see some dropping.
I'm sure I missed some things , that's about all for now.
Til Next Time Gang.....Jerry
Ps. Rochester , You are our Biggest Fan,

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