Thursday, July 29, 2010

The past week has seen Jackie and Jesse (and Blue) and Pam and Chuck. We love having company and this was a particularly lovely visit with all. Our dogsitting foray was an eye opener for us. I felt heavily the responsibility of caring for someone else's precious doggy, and no sooner had they pulled out of the drive then I was panicked. What if he runs away? What if he gets eaten by a hawk? All of a sudden I was very clear about all the misfortunes that could befall our little friend, and I was afraid to let him out of the house. He was forced to be leashed whenever we went out, because he is not clear on the boundaries the way our dogs are. He did sleep upstairs in Allison's room, so all the "personalities" were separated for sleeping, which was probably a wise choice. The two "Personalities" that clashed are Blue and Bailey-both passive aggressive Alpha dogs. A very interesting combination to be sure. Our visit ended with an overnight with Jackie and Jesse on their return trip, and we loved having them. Come back soon! Right on their tail was the arrival of Pam and Chuck, and we loved every minute of their visit. Restful and peaceful with lots of laughs and visits to the woods. We're always sorry when they leave and I hope they'll be back soon. Good times. We're feeling the winding down of summer already, and it is both a lovely time of year and a sad time to see the summer behind us. Although we still have August ahead of us, here in the Adirondacks the weather is beginning to turn already. The lake is still on the warm side, and swimming and all the lake activities are still happening, but there is a distinct chill in the air that isn't there in mid-July. Good sleeping weather we say. I have been knitting maniacly and whipping off berets and glovelets for interested parties. Allison's fall wardrobe will include matching berets for each outfit. Jerry is busy at work and happily ready to start his new assignment INSIDE. The 90 degree days were torture in the parking lots, and happily he is moving to the lobby which is AIR CONDITIONED! Hallelulia! So that's our update for now-we're finishing up our third summer as full-time residents of Caroga Lake, and it has been a learning process and lifestyle change for the three of us. So far, I would call the experiment highly successful. Onward!

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