Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Just Say No

Just say No, don't do something, and that becomes for me the thing I most want to do. Having our computer down for four days was becoming my obsession. I wanted to know what was happening on the internet, I would wake up during the night and think of all the websites I could be surfing. It was getting to me. And just when we thought we might have to suck it up and go buy a new computer, Jerry was able to reload our programs and voila! Here we are. I am now re-committed to blogging as often as I can because once I couldn't all of these topics of conversation came up, some really blog-worthy events and observations, and I was unable to get online to post. Now that I am here, I'll be damned if I can remember what any of them were. My birthday happened on the 5th, and I am very grateful for the thoughtful good wishes that were sent my way. I am a firm believer that birthdays should be celebrated, each time they happen! Our way of celebrating was was to do absolutely nothing, and trust me, that was a glorious first choice. We spent the day reading and relaxing and it was fabulous! Today, I am again holed in the house with the air conditioner running. That would be the air conditioner that I scoffed at back when Jerry had it installed. I was adamnant that needing AC in the Adirondacks was ridiculous and self-indulgant. Yes. And here sits ridiculous and self-indulgent in the AC while Jerry goes to work in this 100 degree heat. Actually, I can state that if it were not for the dogs, I may not have it on. may not. But since they suffer so much in this type of heat, I am running it for them, and so Jerry can come home to a nice cool house when he is done with his shift. I try. I have been reading voraciously, and loving each novel that I tackle. We have new shelves in the living room, and my goal is to fill them with un-read material so that when November rolls around and the winter sets in, I will be in hog heaven. Unread books and a roasty pellet stove. Heaven anyone? Our hearty Congrats to Brian-he was sworn in yesterday in NYPD's newest recruit class. They're lucky to have him. Good Luck Bri-we're rooting for you. So, my goal is to keep blogging on a more regular basis. Now that the theatre is riding in the back seat of my life, that should be somewhat easier. Drama is easy to find, no matter where you are!

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