Saturday, April 10, 2010

Snow? WTF?

That's right friends, snow here in Caroga. We woke up this morning to a dusting. A dusting that has to be cleaned off the windshields. With a tool. Not hands. No blowing. A tool. Enough snow that we have to clean it off - which means we MUST go into Caroga for a pancake breakfast with home fries. This is a cold one. The pellet stove is up and running, and Daphne is roasting by the fire with me. Our toes are warm and we are ready to bring out the uggs yet again. Aaaaahhhhh. April in the Adirondacks. We have had variations of 60 degrees this week. 90 on thursday, 50 on Friday and this morning, 30 something. This is cool. What is it where YOU are? Now that spring cleaning has been done, and undone today, I realize that we are living in a cold zone and I love it. I am wearing layers today, as the temps are supposed to be changing again in a wild way. Maybe up to 50 something this afternoon. Adirondack Spring. The best part-Sinatra tonight at the theatre. I have to wear a dressy outfit with some kind of sequin moment, and uggs. My feet are cold again-Welcome to Caroga lake. Bring your socks. The warm ones.

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