Monday, April 12, 2010


Friends of mine who work with me at the Theatre went to Florida and brought me back a letter opener as a souvenir. It was (and is) very much appreciated as I had been using my swiss army knife to open the mail, which we had all observed was probably pretty dangerous. Of course, the new letter opener was packaged in plastic with a cardboard backing piece, and it needed to be opened. So, naturally, I used my swiss army knife to open the plastic and cardboard. Of course, I managed to slice my finger open with the knife, which was the purpose of the new letter opener - a safety issue. Since I take a few blood thinners, my desk at the theatre began to look like the OJ Crime Scene. My friend Richard went downstairs to see if we did in fact have a first aid kit. Thankfully, we do. I should have checked that before, because the good news is that I believe I am the first bleeder that we've had at the theatre since I'm on board. I will make sure that this kit is up to date and filled with supplies, now that I know it exists. All that taken care of, thank you Joanne and Richard for the lovely letter opener. I do appreciate your thoughtfulness, and will put the pen knife away immediately. I just have to figure out how to close it. . .

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