Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Milkman Cometh

It's Thursday, and that means the milkman is on his way. Actually she's a milk-maid. We have to count the days we'll need milk, try and calculate any special recipes or holiday needs (such as eggs, sour cream, Easter, Christmas, etc.) and leave the list by the milkbox. When we get home today, the milk will be inside, Iced down with the bill tucked inside. I love this. It makes me feel so catered to. I don't have to lug milk from the store to the car to the frig. It is all a single weekly endeavor, and the milk is delicious. Living down the road from the local dairy farm means we get the milk in glass 1/2 gallon containers. To say its fresh is an understatement. So, a weeks worth of milk purchased in one day-no quick trips down a four mile country road because we're out of milk. Moving to the boondocks has been an adjustment for us, who had a deli in our residential neighborhood in Glen Cove. We used to treat it like our personal pantry. I can't count the number of times we'd sit down to a meal and have to send a small child (usually Allison) down to the deli for milk/butter/etc. She loved the run down the street, we'd stand in the yard and watch her go back and forth (unbeknownst to her) and we were able to continue on with our meal. Now, the nearest "pantry" is up in Caroga at the Red Store, which may or may not have what we're looking for. Stewart's is in the other direction - five miles. not a quick trip. At best 25 minutes (ten down, ten back, five in the store). Not the kind of afterthought we used to operate under. At least with the Milk, we have a plan and its working. We are set for the week with milk. The rest of it needs a full blown grocery trip. So, anything to simplify that chore I'll take with a smile. I love Thursdays. Got Milk?

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