Friday, April 23, 2010

Just Another Day

Ahhhhh. spring. We have frost on the windshield this morning, and I still am wearing my down jacket in the mornings, but spring is finally here. By ten or so in the morning the sun is up and everything is steaming condensation into the chilly air. It is truly beautiful. We have not turned over the garden, although ten miles down the road in Palatine Bridge, the Amish have completely turned over their gardens and are already getting rows of SOMETHING. I feel like a complete under-achiever whenever I go there. Oh well. I'm still coming down from our fabulous Christmas Trip to New York City. Twelve of us attended La Cage Aux Folles at the Longacre Theatre, and I am happy to report that my assessment of the show was also the assessment of the critics. A Hit. It was sweet, emotional, on your feet fun! and we had a blast. I actually ate Outside the Box at Pio Pio, a highly recommended Peruvian restaurant on tenth avenue. Every year it gets harder and harder to coordinate this show experience with the family, and every year I am reminded why we do it. It was great to see everyone, to look down the table and see our five kids and their Significant Others and friends, and this year we were treated to my neice Emily and my sister Joanne and Grandma Doris. What a great group! Yes, we will do it again. It's worth it. We are in the middle of Alice in Wonderland rehearsals, and I have been swamped with activity. Elvis is coming May 1st (actually, three Elvis'-one for each decade of Elvis' popularity) and the anticipation is growing. We are also having a Relay for Life team with the theatre regulars, just because it is the right thing to do. I feel very strongly about giving my time to worthy causes, and so Friday June 5 is Relay for Life, and Sunday June 7 is Tour de Cure, where I will be riding for Diabetes with Jerry and our friend Melissa. That's right, a full weekend. Monday, June 8 you will probably find me passed out in the recliner, which is lately becoming my favorite spot. The plan was to be at the theatre as much as possible and help out THAT worthy cause. We are actually becoming successful at that endeavor, which means that the time needed at the theatre is tremendous. There is a balance somewhere that I have not found yet. I work on that continuously. Balance. But whatever is happening, the real thrill for me is riding up the 4.4 miles to our home, coming from wherever I am, and passing a deer, a few turkeys, quail and porcupines. All in one trip! It is an amazing place to live, and every day I count my blessings. Coming home to Jerry and Allison and being out on the back deck looking over the pasture and the garden. I have a T-Shirt that says "Life Is Good". Yes.

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