Monday, August 10, 2009

Jen's Baking

Well Gang,
It's been a little rainy here, off and on, still can't near the bees to get the honey out.
The Garden is just starting to come into it's own, tomatoes getting red, peppers are about ready, we have been picking the zucchini , Jens already made bread out of it before.
Lettuce has been all used up and Rutabaga has replace it. Watermelon and spaghetti squash soon will be ready.
I was going to snap off a shot of her baking in our 1900's stove but she advised me that I should not do that. So the best ya get is the stove.....wood burning on the left side and gas on the right side. A little hard to use cause no temperature knob to set.... 325 is a location on the gas "off" ...gas "on" knob. Takes a little practice to not burn anything.
Ali has returned from Fla to Long Island and still Visiting with her dad until the end of August.
Sounds like based on the phone conversation she had a good time.
Jen and I did a little shopping yesterday at Target and seems "Back To School" shopping is in full swing......It wont be long now and we will be watching Ali competing with the High School swim team.
That's about it Gang....Jerry

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