Sunday, August 9, 2009

It's Raining Here.

Well Gang a little slow here in the North Country as it's Raining...... I was going to Rob the Bees of Honey today but that's not going to happen. The Bees are too angry in this type of weather and all are staying inside of the hives watching T.V. , playing cards. The best time to Rob the hives is while they are out gathering in the fields and I sneak in to Rob from them.......Not a good thing when they are home. We are drinking our coffee on this Sunday morning and figuring out whats the plan for the day. I do know that watering the Garden is not one of them...LOL A few pictures , Yesterday we visited the RailFest in Gloversville It's held along the old rail road tracks and at a location I think that had a Rail Station. It was early in the morning yesterday but it did get crowded later, we sat on the lawn and listened to a couple bands and picked up a few things from the vendors .
Jen speaking with one of the people who had a booth there from the "Glove Theater"
I picked up this little "Chippie" on the way in to RailFest....( It's my Bride!)
That's about it for today.......
Til Next time Gang...............................Jerry

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