Monday, August 3, 2009

I just spent a good hour posting about our wonderful weekend with Jackie and Jesse and Blue, and was eloquent in my description of our full and busy weekend. This included meeting Loopy (sp?) and Francesca and visits by Dan and Jennie. I was poetic. In an effort to properly edit and justify the margins of this long and descriptive blog, I deleted it. I am now signing off and will be making myself a large pina colada (it's 12:00 somewhere right Jack?) I will try again tomorrow. Today is already shot. Jerry is on LI at the dentist, and I am here wallowing in my erroneously deleted blog sorrow. How sad. How appropriately sad. No good deed goes unpunished. This must be directly related to trying to edit and improve a blog entry. Next time, uneven margins and sloppy writing. Sorry, it must be. This has happened too many times.

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