Thursday, July 23, 2009

Update !!!

Photobucket Photo before Beard!! Well Gang been a few days since we posted so I will Blog something!!!!! Lot of stuff going on here in The North Country. We will start with the weather... seems that the East Coast has been getting it's share of bad weather this year.... It's been a little crappy here too with spotty rain and sun shine. Heat not been bad and the A.C has not been turned on yet which if you know me, that is surprising . Jen's loving that as I love it cooler and Jen not so much. Looking like we might have a day in the near future that it gets turned on......Last night it was cool here , mid 60's outside but at bed time it was 72 inside and I was tempted. I decided that just turning on the whole house fan should take care if it and it did, drawing in some of that cooler outside air. We are waiting for Jen's cousins to arrive sometime today from L.I. They are making a long weekend or so with us. Ali's away at camp since last Sunday and we miss her, House very quiet even though she does not make a whole lot of noise.....Mostly reads ,on the puter or on the phone.... Still we miss her. The garden is doing well and soon we will have more then we can eat. Jen and I did some blue berry & raspberry picking the other day over at Dan's mothers house. Dan and I did some bee jobs or at least gave some prices on those jobs.... One was at a Kmart in Clifton Park but ended up turning down the job cause we just did not want to have to knock down cement blocks to get at them . While away doing that, Jen re-finished the kitchen table and it looks Great!!! We have some cabin jobs going on but not really motivated to get them finished right now. Back splash in kitchen waiting to be grouted, office studio waiting, nothing happening in the living room yet and still waiting for the Amish boards that we will be putting up in the bedroom to dry. Getting ready to do some foundation beefing up in the crawl space and been talking to contractors..... It never stops here and only about 5-6 weeks til cooler weather arrives. We have located two "Drive In Movies" up here......Can you believe it? Still around! Hoping that we get to atleast one over the summer. We got the extra bikes all fixed and ready for company and if the weather holds out we might get a bike ride in and a drive in movie this weekend....Hope the weather holds out. Soon we hope to be spinning out some Honey from the Hives. Mike and Nicole should be Moving any day now into "their New House", Congratulations ! ( Hoping to see our Step-Grand Child, Payton, Soon!) Seems Jackie and Jessie doing fine , Brian & Ashly are good and Walter must be having the time of his life cause nothing in the past few days from him and his Face Book has been slow.......Must be In Love with some Lucky Gal! This Blog should get Jen Blogging soon and she will give ya some thing to read about..... I'm more of a chicken pecking at a keyboard. Til next time Gang.....Jerry Just finished reading John Briant's last book ,"Adirondack Detective The Years Pass". Published by Chalet Publishing. Great Book , last one in a Series. I hear from the author he is working on another. Reading, In the Lake of the Woods By Tim O'Brien....... I'll let you know , 1st few chapters slow

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