Friday, July 17, 2009

News from Caroga Lake

Well Gang ....... Do you know what News stands for???????? News= North...., East....., West......, and South!!!!! Here is the News for us. Robins are doing fine and growing every day but kinda look the same so far so no new photo. Yesterday Jen , Ali and I drove to Malta , NY with Dan and stopped at his mom's house to pick Raspberries & Blue berries the size of your thumb nail,,,,maybe bigger. We picked about 4 quarts of Raspberries and 2 quarts of Blue Berries. Dan's mom has about a 2 acre garden and it feeds six other families......Sort of paying forward. We did dig up some off shoots of the Raspberries to plant here at our Camp which are going in today. Get ready to Belly up to the Raspberry Bar soon as I hear that they are Great on Everything. After that we headed to the Saratoga County Fair and wondered around and eat some Fair Food. They have a midway , rides and other games of chance. They also have a large livestock area with horses,pigs, chickens , goats,rabbits and I'm sure I forgot to list others . The thing that most gets to me is the Horses and how LARGE they can be. They are like the size of you car . I'm not talking about the horses that you see Cow Boys Riding, Horses that pull plows or the Budweiser Beer Wagon ....Just HUGE !!!!!!!! We had a great time looking at the 4 H Clubs entries and wild life exhibits . But we did miss the Beer Garden that they had as I was the driver. So that's all that's NEWS here from me. I'm sure Jen with have something further to add. Til next time Gang..........Jerry

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