Thursday, July 30, 2009

More Photos of Carrie & Lorrie's visit

More Photos of Carrie & Lorrie's visit from last weekend. Seems we crammed a lot into just a couple days We took a walk down a trail at Willie Wildlife Marsh on the last day of the weekend.
lots to see....a type of lily Pad.
We also saw some frogs and birds.
This is one of the walkways that cross the marsh. Carrie stepping cautiously ! Trail through the woods that leads to 2 beaver lodges.
Some signs that the Beavers had been hard at work.
Thought we took some photos of beaver lodge, but I guess not.
Anyhow the last couple of days Jen & I have been taking what we call....... easy .
But mind you that does not mean doing nothing.
We cut the lawn around the house and around the bee yard...with weed whacking it's close to 3 hours. Cleaning the house now for the next crew that are coming out to visit and oh yes Jen did a 4 hour round trip down to Newburg the other day to drop off Ali.
We Have the new pellet stove coming and being installed in a couple weeks and working on the amounts of pellets that we are going to need for the up coming winter.
Last year we ordered this time of the year 5 tons of pellets and only used 3 1/2 tons.
On the phone today trying to figure the correct amount for this year as the new and approved pellet stove is larger.
Kind of a neat stove. On this one you can set the temperature and it will back it's self down and if need be shut it's self off. When heat needed it then will restart it's self.
Last day of July almost and we are already thinking this winters heating.
Any how we are waiting for Jackie ,Jessie's & Blues arrival on Friday night. Been too long guys as they have not been here since Christmas.
Jen's got a long list of things that they can do, I'm thinking the lake will get the most attention this weekend. Weather reports have Saturday as just Gorgeous. As you may or may not know
at the lake it's "ALWAYS" High Tide. They have a nice sandy beach at our association beach and after getting past a few very small pebbles at the shore line it's then a sandy bottom.
Jen and I took a dip into the lake the other day ( No photos of that!!!) LOL
The water was a little cool for Jen and I must admit that it took me a long while to get past the waist line and into the lake. I did 2-3 times after that do the jump in and had a great time.
No worries about JAWS in this body of water.......It's funny how a movie from over 30 years ago comes to my mind each and every time I hit the water.
How many of you think of the same thing at some point while swimming?????
Anyhow a couple that lives full time on West Caroga lake invited us over for a few steaks on the barbee tonight, Jen's making Special Brownies..........,,,,to bring over. Their house is water front and it looks like we are going to have a very nice night.
Til next time Gang.....Jerry


Anonymous said...

What kind of "special" brownies????

Anonymous said...

what kind of "special" brownies??????

FarmerJen said...

Special as in double chocolate. Shame on you.