Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Full House

The Robins are two days old (Scratch that pool - they were born that night-I didn't win either.) and showing signs of a little peach fuzz. There is nothing uglier than a newborn bird. They are bald and scrawny looking. Every blood vessel is visible and gross. And yet, they are adorable. The mother Robin is attentive and guards her nest carefully. It is alot of fun to be able to watch this whole process right from the porch. I've seen nests before, but never so easily visible INTO the nest. It's very cool. We've been busy the past few days with my road trip to Binghamton (Amy, Joanne and Clint - You Rock!) and Jerry's hard work here at home, getting set for Carrie and Cheryl's visit from CA. We've been anxiously awaiting their arrival with updates and cell calls from various stages of their trip across the country. Nebraska, Indiana, Wyoming. With Allison back from her week in Montauk, we are filling up the house again. I like that. We're much happier when OUR nest is full. And the sun is out. It just doesn't get any better than this!

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