Friday, July 10, 2009

A Day Of Fishing

xXxsPaRTaNxXx Pictures, Images and Photos Well Gang Dan & I did a little fishing yesterday on a reservoir near Saratoga, in a canoe. We did not bring any camera's or cell phones as sometimes canoes can tip and all is lost. For those who recall....Jen, her sister , Brian ,Ali and Me in a canoe, a few years back So the best that I can do is tell ya about it. Only Dan and me on the water....caught a few small Bass and some Blue Gils....nothing that we kept. No proof that we guys ( The Flintstones) caught fish.......We just smelled like fish. ( I'm sure some comments are coming ) Thanks Dan had a Great Day! To my great Surprise & Joy.... Jen did not go down state yesterday. She was home when our day of fishing was over. As Dan and I planned we came back here and made home made pizza on the Bar-B-Q which really came out great. For those of you wanting to try it here is what we did. Heat up Bar-B-Q to very hot 500 or higher degrees. We used a Pizza stone in the Bar-B-Q.....Got good and Hot. Store bought Pizza Dough which needs to sit out for a long time , mine was frozen and put on the kitchen counter at 9am and sat there til 7:30 pm....longer would have been better. Dough works better when room temp or warmer I found. Any red sauce you have or jarred pizza sauce, any type pizza cheese you like and in this case we then covered with tomatoes and onions.. A little extra virgin olive oil over all and then on to the pizza stone. Close cover and after about 10-15 Min's....... you are good to eat. Gif pizza Pictures, Images and Photos pizza open Pictures, Images and Photos Was going to finish back splash today but Jen talked me into Bike Riding.. So off we go.... Til Next Time Gang.......Jerry

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