Friday, July 17, 2009


What is it about 4-H that makes me feel so inadequate? I mean, these kids are 7 and 8 years old and they are milking and caring for goats and cows like I used to care for my pet hamster, and much more successfully too. My pet hampster died from neglect when I was 12. I was not a good hampster custodian. I am hoping that these skills will improve when we have livestock, but right now I will admit that I'm pretty darn intimidated by these kids. They are so self-assured and competent.
As Jerry reported, we spent a little time at the Kerwood farm picking raspberries and blueberries. It is quite an idyllic place and we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly, not to mention picking enough berries to enhance our pancakes for a good long time. The freezer is loaded with fresh berries. Come on up and enjoy them! Allison spent this time in the car, as she is not looking for idyllic anything. I was quite relieved to find that once we got to the fair, she was not interested in riding anything with me either. I even offered to get on a ride that I was sure would kill me, but in the interest of trying to keep her entertained and happy, I said I would. Thank God, she declined. I guess riding on a midway ride with your Mother is more degrading than not riding at all. Who knew? So today I am safe. But let the record show, I offered. She has other plans for the Fonda Fair in September. Like not going with us at all. Point taken. I can go hang out with 4-H. In my world that means Haggard, Hardass, Harassing, Headache. Everything a teenager dreams of. The 4H of parenthood. No problem honey, my pleasure.

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