Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hey Diddle-e-dee-, the Actor's Life for Me!

If you missed the blog last week, it is because I was "on the road", and Jerry didn't have alot to say. He CHOSE not to blog. (Contrary to popular belief, I didn't shut him down.) For me, it was the closest I have ever come to really traveling with the show. I went to Long Island to participate in the Breezy Point Blessed Trinity Parish Show, and it was for sure the time of my life. I like nothing better than throwing the costumes in the back of the car and taking off for places unknown. I can' remember the last time I was living out of the trunk of my car (I can't remember because it never was), but this was great. The closest thing I can describe is if you've ever traveled with babies, because you bring everything you own and simply use what you need. That's how last week was. I brought every outfit I had and just used what I needed. Not all of it was used, but pretty darn close. The first weekend we dropped Allie with her Dad and continued on to PA to visit Jerry's Mom. This was fun. We brought Daphne with us because Daphne likes to visit Jerry's Mom too. She is treated like the Princess she believes she is. No other dogs to get in the way of her spoil-a-thon. It was all about Daphne. As it should be. On the return trip Sunday, Jerry picked up Allison and continued North to reality. I stayed in Port Washington with Clint who was recuperating from surgery. We have not been brother and sister alone for a long time - It was fun for us both, and we got to hang out without interruption. I came back from rehearsal in Breezy on Monday night, and Clint had gone to bed forgetting that I was staying at his house. After climbing through bushes to the back yard, I was sure I would be arrested for prowling. Hoping that I would know the arresting officer, I continued banging on doors and windows. Finally, he came to the door and let me in. Wouldn't THAT have been a story? Alas, no drama there. By Wednesday, I was on my way to Breezy for the dress rehearsal and shows, and it made more sense to just stay there. Clint was adamnent that it made more sense to stay there. I think he was way ready for me to be on my way. Sisterhood is not synonymous with sainthood. Did you know that? He's a good sport my brother. Off I went to Breezy Point.
If you've never been there, Breezy Point is alot like Fire Island, except it's in Brooklyn (across the bay from Coney Island). You must park your car at a parking lot and walk (or bike)everywhere. There are paths that are up and down called walks. My friends Maryellen and Jimmy are on Fulton Walk (pictured here). What a beautiful spot. At the end of the walk is the ocean. This is where we biked one morning. A much more leisurely bike than the Tour de Cure. I did the 10 mile tour de cure in just under two hours. It took Maryellen and I six hours to get to the luncheonette one half mile from her house, because she is like the Mayor. She knows everyone, and we stopped and talked to everyone on the way there. We started heading out for breakfast and ended up arriving in time for lunch/supper. The thing about Breezy is you may as well throw out your watch because time is irrelevant. It's called the Irish Riviera, and that is the truth. Mary Maeve's Grocery store is the first place you hit when you pass through the gate, and that's where we spent a few hours visiting and running into people after lunch. There is a little square out in front of the stores with benches, and the whole village was there. We talked costumes, tickets and met everyone I had ever heard of. It was a great day. We had planned this slumber party for years, and it was just like we hoped. I consider myself the luckiest girl in the world to be able to take a whole week and just immerse myself in a show. How fun is that? Just call me Liza with a J.
We headed back to the house to prepare for the show (after a nap of course). Eight o'clock curtain!
Tomorrow - Showtime!

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