Friday, June 26, 2009


I just spent about two hours writing a brilliant blog. And then I deleted it by mistake. Delete-Gone. Over and out. I do not have the presence of mind to try and recreate this brilliant blog. I am pissed off like you can't believe. It's raining and I am getting ready to paint the basement studio with Jerry, whose bee job was cancelled due to - rain. I would much rather go back to bed. But I have been pushing this studio painting project all week, and now that it is time to do it, I am not feeling it. I will try to get over this and put on my overalls. Needs to be done. You shoulda seen the blog -it was brilliant.

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Anonymous said...

Jen - are you saying Jerry never has brilliant blogs???

Enjoy your weekend -

1. Don't get injured
2. Don't fall - see item # 1
3. Choose your wardrobe carefully.

Who luvs ya baby !!!