Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Monday Monday, oh wait. Tuesday Tuesday

We're waiting on the bus, and I'm already confused, Monday Tuesday, what day is it? I love that when it is caused by a day off and not old age. My confusion will go on this week until a weekend, because that's just the way I am. Once we give up a day to a non-routine activity, it's all off for me for the rest of the week. I never regain that confidence of Yes, Today is Wednesday, or whatever. It's a flaw, but a small one. I'll take it.
Our weekend was full of fun. We ended last night with a barbeque at the cottage, and the day was perfect. We never did get into the kayaks because the beach was windy and chilly, but at the house it was beautiful, so we stayed there on the patio. Across the way we can see the activity at the State Park, and by 11 am the place was cleared out. I forget that when you are a guest at these facilities you have a "check out time" and it is usually around 11. That makes me feel bad for those campers. The whole holiday is not included in their weekend. That's just wrong. Anyway, as a result of that, it was quiet. We did see a large group come in around 3 PM and start setting up some tents. It looked like a college group, they had nothing but tents and beer. No food, just tents and beer. Looks to be a nice week for them. Glad we were heading back home. Back to routine today - stay safe. Jerry's off to a bee removal today. He'll have stories when he gets back. His other swarm chose to move on, so we still have an empty hive or two. The winter bees ate tons of their honey this year, so the honey harvest is small. If the bears get there, they will be disappointed. Bees eating their honey means that winter was rough. Cold and snow and no way for them to get out and get the pollen. So they eat their honey store. So there is not alot left for us to harvest. Bummer. They're doing well now, if we can just keep the bears away. Solar electric is our answer. Zap. Ouch. It's a system I think is working. Our neighbors down the road have had their bird feeders taken down and mangled, and the scratch marks on the upper bark to show who is doing the taking down. No trouble here. Hopefully, it's that electric fence that's doing the trick. Our own private Gitmo. How nice. Last year I felt bad, this year it's every man for himself. Welcome to the north country. Choose your weapon.
Update: Bus missed. Allie not ready on time. So far this week, we're off to a great start!

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Anonymous said...

Hey, maybe we can invent a solar fashion alert system - zap ouch when you go outside .....dressed like..... Jerry, you're the best !!! Waiting for the next round of pics