Sunday, May 24, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

We worked hard yesterday, up at the lake. The cottage is cleaned up enough to have a Memorial Day Festival, of which we are planning on Monday. Kayaks, good friends and potato salad. Not necessarily in that order. The weather is supposed to be fantastic. Upper 80's and lots of sun. We were both in the "purge" mode, which was helpful. There is alot there that needs to be purged. It's as if someone walked out in 1945 and shut the door, and never came back. That is the "up to dateness" of the facilities. 1945. Poor 1945. Maybe even depression era 1939. That's OK. The lake is up to date and the company is always good. The kids are all occupied in their respective three-day weekend activities. It's never a travel weekend for them, because the traffic is too daunting. To those of you who are traveling, Godspeed. Dave and Kathy's grandkids were swimming at the lake yesterday. Dipping their toes really, but getting wet all over. It's hard to believe that just over a month ago we still had bits of snow here and there. I don't swim in the lake until the water is 80 degrees or better. That's August 13 or 14. After that, the summer starts to wane and the water starts to take on fall temps. I'm no hero when it comes to swimming temps. The hot tub at the Y is my favorite temperature. 102. Jerry starts to wilt there. He likes refreshing. I like tubby water. So does Daphne. She just loves that hot tub out on the back deck. No refreshment for her. Warmth! It's kind of funny that here on North bush Road we're spewing EXTRA water out into the gully, and up at the cottage we're without running water. At all. That's right, OutHouse Baby. Toughen up. Thankfully, the state park is 100 feet from our door, and so are their facilities. Bathroom, hot showers and running ater. That's where you'll find Allison. We actually have a water pump at the kitchen sink, but that's all. Brings new meaning to "charming." The 151 campsites at the Caroga Lake State park are full for the weekend, according to the news report. Whatever your accomodations, have a great weekend.

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