Thursday, May 7, 2009

Dull and Boring

It's raining here too, but we have a very important garden growing here, so it's a good thing. We had a friend for dinner last night (Happy Birthday again Jennie). Not FOR dinner, but here to share dinner. We had alot of fun and the dogs enjoyed a play date with Angel. Bailey is still a little reticent with everyone, but because Jerry had taken them all for a lengthy walk in the afternoon, he sacked out rather early. He's a good boy. I will be spending Mother's Day with my human children on the island, and I'm rather looking forward to it, but I do miss the dogs when we're away. We've had offers of "come visit, we don't mind the dogs", but that would be the ultimate "what was I thinking?" I would never do that, so those who have offered, don't sweat it, I know you were being nice, not real. Well, we do try to blog every day, and sometimes that is incredibly difficult, but I do read other blogs and they get away with nonsense sometimes too, so here is our nonsense: The roofers were here yesterday, after the material got dropped off they came to inspect the material and to assess the roof situation. We're now waiting on a two or three day run of good weather because part of the old roof has to come off and that doesn't work when it is raining. Which means it will rain until September when the snow falls. In the process of replacing this roof any bat areas will be erradicated from the attic. That should mean the bats are gone forever. SHOULD mean. We'll see. I have high hopes though. I spoke to someone on the cell phone the other day and told her I had cell service because I had "gone into town". She interpreted that as me being in Manhattan. Silly girl. We do Manhattan at Christmas, period. So that's my news today. Maybe Jerry is more exciting than me today. I hope so. This is bad.

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