Friday, April 24, 2009

Metal Roof Being Delivered

Well Gang, The new meatl roof was delivered today, They start this Monday working on that project.
Metal roofing being boomed off the truck.
And some more.
It was a Beautiful day here in Caroga Lake, The sun was shining all day and I think it hit mid 70's which was hot for me. They say we will See mid 80's Saturday afternoon.
I picked up the Blueberry Bushes (20) today and they will maybe get planted this weekend.
I drove into the heart of Caroga today and a lot of the summer people arrived this afternoon.
Some people fishing on the lake and camp fires all over could be seen.
West & East Caroga Lake
West Caroga Lake, Sherman's off in the distance
Just a great lake shot
Just a little bit of heaven!
It's late at night ,Jen's down on the Island with Ali , I had some time to share some great shots of this Heavenly place .
Here is a great Link about Caroga Lake if you want to see the history
Til Next time Gang....... Jerry

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