Thursday, April 23, 2009

Forget hiking. It's still a little chilly out today, and all I want to do is park it next to the pellet stove, which is in fact what I did yesterday while the farm boys were playing up and down North Bush Road. Sometimes I wonder if those pictures are just for my (our) benefit and they are really inside playing a mean game of poker or something fun like that. It's possible. I'd never check. As I said, it's cold out there. I crashed a little early last night as sometimes the only thing to do is call it a day. So at 7:30, that's what I did. Good call. This morning I do feel better. Allie and I are planning on the Y today, so getting up and at em bright and early is the way to go. Get moving. I do have to catch up on Harper's Island, as week three is on tonight and I have not yet caught week 2. Allison and I are watching it together, and I'm getting hooked too. Then there is the 70s Show, which we watch religiously every day. I have to leave room for that. And of course the dogs need to be walked and the garden worked in. We are just plain too busy for laziness. And yet, I manage to get in a good nap in the afternoon or an early tuck in if I can. I function so much better with a good 12 hours under my belt. Am I alone on that? I know Daphne and Jake are on that page as well. Bailey, not so much, but he sticks with me just the same. My Dog Bailey. He is the ultimate friend. I guess I finally know how Jerry feels about Jake - completely loved and accepted. I used to have that with Conan (our former lab/great dane mix), and I finally have it again with Bailey. It makes you a better person when a dog adores you. You become selfless and responsible. Just because they depend on you. And when they look at you with those big eyes, well I for one would walk a mile with a bum leg, just so they get their exercise and outside time. They keep me moving. Which is why I'm signing off right now. Bailey wants to go out.

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