Saturday, April 18, 2009


I am quite amazed that after a successful day of bike riding, I am not quite as sore as I expected. We did have a few mishaps, but all in all, it was a beautiful and sunny day, which we thoroughly enjoyed together. After strapping the bikes onto the back of the jeep, we drove up to the cottage and started to bike ride around the lake roads, as they are somewhat flatter and less demanding. About midway into town, Jerry's brakes locked onto the wheel. As he was puttering with it on the side of the road, I continued happily along, carrying on a conversation with him, and commenting on the scenery and houses that we were passing. It wasn't until I was ready to turn off the main road onto a side street that I turned behind me and saw. . . no one. He had actually stopped a good 1/2 - 3/4 mile back, and was working on his bike. I turned my bike around and was headed back to him and heard a big "BOOM". Sort of like a gunshot, although I have never actually heard a gun shot, except in the movies. Oh wait, that's not true. Skeet shooting. Hunting. Duh. Anyway, it was a gunshot like sound, I just didn't expect to hear it right there. It was his tire. So, the bike ride being over, we walked back to our car, meeting a few neighbors along the way. All of them were working on their yard, which gave us the idea to maybe do that too. After loading up the bikes, We stopped for lunch at Vrooman's Hotel, which as I've mentioned before, is not a hotel, but a restaurant. We both wolfed down our meal, because bike riding is serious exercise. I was starving! We took off to Johnstown to have the tire repaired and started out in search of compost/manure, because that is all we can do yet, here in Zone 8. We went to Montgomery County Water and Agriculture Department, and found out that they will have compost NEXT week, when the blueberry bushes come in. That makes sense, so we marked off our calendar for next week's blueberry pickup and headed home. Passing by Udderly Delicious, the roadside ice cream store, we of course had to stop. I don't know what it is up here in the Adirondacks, but when you order a small ice cream, they hand you a half gallon loaded onto a cone. It's like that everywhere! And all for $2. It's crazy. Crazy good though. I never turn it down. All the while saying "I'll never finish this, I'll never finish this", I of course finished it. So, let's retrace. For about 1-2 miles of questionable exercise, I consumed about 2000 calories. Never can get that balance right. It was great fun though. We came home and gave Allison HER ice cream, which was greatly appreciated. She is on vacation this week, and taking it VERY easy. Today, we will give the YMCA a shot. I hear they have a pool. We will have to try and work off that ice cream.

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