Wednesday, April 22, 2009

2 Posts Today and Busy Outdoors

Dave Flushing the sap lines. Today Was a Busy Day here for the Blue Line Farm workers......Me, Dave and Dan. Here you can see Dave cleaning up the Maple Syrup Lines as he is done for the year tapping trees. We flushed them and then left these line in the woods til next year, will make it a lot easier next year. Rumor has it Dave is looking for a larger boiler for next year......Fred better get started working on that!
Dan (Bee Keeper) and I, earlier in the day drove to see Amish Dan (Mill owner) to pick up my pine planking that we will be putting up in our bedroom , floors,walls and ceiling.
These boards yesterday where whole round trees , now planking sitting on our side driveway to dry for the next 3 months. These are 3/4 in thick by 10 inches or 12 inches. The 12 inch boards will be our bedroom floor.
Does not seem like much , this was 3 trips with the pickup truck, hand loaded and unloaded.
Stacked with spacers for air flow. Some are so heavy that it took both of us to stack one board.
Heavy from moisture in the wood
Still cool here in Caroga Lake, wore a work coat most of the day, they say the rest of the week is going to be GREAT and some where in the low to mid 80's.
This is a short update of the happenings here in the North Country.........
Til Next time Gang...........Jerry

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