Sunday, March 1, 2009

Well, that bar-b-que looks like it's toast. I'm no expert, but spending a winter under snow can't be good for the workings of that baby. I have a few things next year that I will be covering much better. I used to look at the wrappings of small lawn ornaments and think "well isn't that just a tad compulsive?" Now I know better. Cover everything, cause it isn't coming out again until May. At least. We have a campfire somewhere. Somewhere. . . Jerry had the foresight to bring in the adirondack chairs and stack them under the deck. Thankfully, they will have survived the winter when we're ready to get them on the porch. I now understand what I used to think was just silly. The appearance of Christmas Decorations in March. It's not that they're new, it is that they are just becoming visible under the snow-melt. They've been gone since the week after Christmas. I thought they had been taken down. Not so. They have just reappeared from under a snow pile. Who knew? Thankfully, our Christmas decorations were place inside, as the outside was still under construction. Still is, as a matter of fact. Still will be in May. That's OK. Construction is a season here. We're just not at that season yet. The dogs are getting a little weird today. I have the camera out because there is just no telling what will happen next. The personalities are getting a little "cabin fever". Everyone wants to be top dog. So far, Daphne is winning, but Bailey is running close behind. Jake just doesn't care. But every so often he has a barking fit just on GP.
Sitting on Jerry's lap has become more of a contest then a comfortable spot. Who is top dog? The one on Jerry's lap, of course.
It just doesn't stop. In the morning, the games begin again.
Bailey seems to be winning this one. This next shot shows Daphne not being friendly with Jake as you would think the photo is showing, but Daphne placing herself IN FRONT of Jake, just in case a line was forming. Watching her cut this imagined line was an amazing dis on Jake, who just looks confused - "Line? What Line? When did a line form?" He needs self-defense training.
As you can see, Daphne is winning all over the place. She has no fear. None. After placing herself in the front of Jake's "Line", she decided that Bailey needed to be shown who was boss, and moved herself to Jerry's Lap. For a 15 lb dog, she can make her presence known quite effectively.
She is just gently (?) pushing Bailey off Jerry's lap. As I write, Bailey is now on the floor with Jake, and Daphne is enjoying Jerry's lap - alone. The games go on and on. . .
We're out for a walk today - maybe snow shoes? Enjoy the storm on Long Island. I hear you may get 10 plus inches. Welcome to our world!

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