Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Trying to Tap Our Own Trees !

Well Gang, I'm back , WOW Jen sure can write! Been reading Jen's stuff , I'm just a chicken pecking at a key board. Question....after reading Jen's blog, Is she moving in with that Amish guy? Any how We tasted some of Dave's Maple syrup and decided.....What the Heck!!! Lets try it ourselves on a smaller scale. Here we are tapping 3 trees on our property, Dave thinks we are hooked and by neck year running tree tubing and buying boiler from Fred , Fred from Albany, the maker of the wood burning, wood stove," made out of wood". You will see that invention coming up later in this post. Bet you did not know that Jen was good with a tool ! We sure hope that this is a maple tree
Those shoes are the Wellies
Wearing my Irish Woolen cap for the Holiday. This bucket had about 3 inches after about 5 hours
This is part of the pasture which has a couple trees in it or on the edge
This is some of Dave's 1st syrup , lighter then you thought it would be!
Syrup coming out of the boiler that Fred made for Dave, darker then the other stuff above.
This is sap being boiled off , using the wood made, wood burning stove invented by Fred of Albany......he is taking orders if you need one
Keeping a eye on the temperature!!
The "Wood Burning , Wood Stove"
Til next time Gang.....Jerry

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