Tuesday, March 10, 2009

No pictures

Where does he get those little moving pictures? Yesterday was a Monday all day. Everything I went to do was simply not meant to happen. The more I tried to do it, the less happened. Finally at 2:00 I decided that a nap was the answer to this quirky day, and so that is what I did. Just because I can. Angel went home last night and Daphne has been walking around like George Bush on the bow of a destroyer, with a "Mission Accomplished" splayed across the bridge. She wasn't mean per se, just her loving little self. Angel was not a bit intimidated, although she was quite happy to see her folks and just as glad to get home I'm sure.
For all the thrill and suspense of Joyce Carol Oates' "The Falls", the ending just kind of limped in to a really lame finish. Quite disappointing entirely. I had invested alot of time in this book, and just kept turning the last page and thinking "that's it? What kind of crap is this?" I will take on a new book today and hope that the ending is more satisfying. We had an inch or two of snow yesterday, but even as it was falling it was clumping together in spring like snow fashion. Nothing to really be excited about, except that all the mud had a lovely coating of white over it. Much better I think. Today is Jerry's colonoscopy "prep day". I've heard all about the prep and its effects working at the PD and am not looking forward to the next two days. But I am glad that he is having it done. Bravo Jerry! Commendable!
And so, the day begins. We're off to Meat World this week (or something like that) to get the corned beef for this weekend. We are hoping to see 1/4 of the Long Island contingent and in preparation I have been scouring the dog aisles at Wal-Mart. Blue is my grand-dog and we spoil him whenever he comes. I am almost looking forward to the come-uppance due Daphne for her poor treatment of Angel. When Blue walks through the door, I can almost see her face and will enjoy her confusion. "Him again?" I love it. Prom season is gearing up and I'm looking forward to participating in "The Cinderella Project ". It is a volunteer organization for seamstresses (sp?) and anyone else who can spend a day altering and embellishing gowns that have been donated. If anyone has any gowns out there and your prom days are over, let me know - I can find a new life for them here. They will go to a deserving young lady who would not otherwise have a prom gown. Even older gowns can be re-sewn and updated. Somewhere there is a shoulder pad graveyard from the 80s, and a new dress for a high school senior. I cannot think of a more worthy way to spend the day, and I'm looking forward to meeting these Cinderellas - just to compare notes with my own Cinderella. How else would parents get to see if they are really "SO overprotective and SO annoying" than to spend some time with other teenagers and their parents? I'm putting off spring cleaning until I can turn off the pellet stove and throw open the windows! We're a long way off from THAT! No point in spring cleaning unless you can really get 'er done! (As Walter says). And so, another book off the shelf. Enjoy the day.

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Jerry, good luck with the colonoscopy. HHH wants to know if he can get his ring back?????