Saturday, March 14, 2009

More maple Syrup and Some Outdoor Shots While Snow Shoeing

Well Gang I'm back with some new stuff. Friday Dave and I, in the afternoon tapped a few more trees and wander the woods in snow shoes, the only way to get around as the snow is up to our knees without snow shoes.
I took some great shots so I thought i would share.
A Cold Adirondack Stream.
Dave Snow Shoeing.
An Almost frozen over creek in the woods
Some creek shots and tubing bringing sap to the collecting buckets
Checking lines and installing more.
A maze of tubing
Porcupine tree damage, chewed up bark.
Well its late for me and typing is coming hard tonight so I will be short winded.
Today which is Saturday night I did not help Dave but I did ride with my Bride , Jen,to Amish Country.
She will be posting pictures in her post. Was a warm sunny day and we decided to hit the road and visit a couple Amish Farms. A good time was had by all!
I let Jen take the lead on the happenings of the day
Til next time Gang.........., Jerry

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