Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Making Hotel Reservations

Making Hotel Reservations ..... Our daughter ,Nicole is getting married next month down on Long Island and since we live so far away we will be staying in a hotel on long Island for the Wedding and the Pre- Wedding Festivities . Besides making hotel reservations we also have to book in the dogs at the sitter because they ( Jake ,Bailey and Daphne ) have not received an invite nor would we want them there....Just kidding ,Jake , Bailey and Daphne. We love ya Guys! The hotel reservations have been something that we have been talking about for a little while since we received the formal invite and booking in the dogs too. Well today I grabbed the" Bull by the Horns" and started making phone calls to get this ball rolling as the date is coming up soon!!! 1st call was to book in the dogs...all 3 of them at Liz the boarder on Long Island and we are still waiting on the response as all I have been able to do is leave messages with her...(Hope she calls or the dogs will be coming to the wedding.) The 2nd call was to the hotel near where the Wedding will take place and where Mike & Nicole have reserved a block of rooms for people coming from out of town.... (1st before the call we looked on the Internet at the hotel rooms). The rooms as seen on the Internet did not show all angles so you have too guess a little when you are trying to figure out how Jen,Ali and me are going to fit for 3 days.. also friends of ours may visit and it would be nice to have some sitting room area. We ended up getting a Jr. Suite which will work.... All set , Name, Address , Phone Number ,Credit Card information and confirmation #'s given. AFTER hanging up the phone ....What discounts did you get on the room? I am asked by my lovely wife , Jennifer who is seated next to me the whole booking event. ME MAN !!!!! we don't ask for No Stinking Discounts!!!! Jen, knowing all too well that I did not ask for any because she was seated along side of me. So back on the phone I go to the Hotel.... not speaking to the same person again nor have they ever heard of her before..... Not being able to speak to the same person at reservations I go thru the whole..I.D. and reservation stuff..., reading back the 41 digit reservation #'s .. Giving my name , address , phone number , placement on SAT's score, shoe size, etc. as if some one is lurking in the back ground to FOIL the reservations plan. When I get back on level ground, same playing field, with the new reservations operator, the place that I was at when I made the reservation before, I explain that I was looking for that "Discount"" that I forgot to ask for earlier and that I'm here now calling back for it. I ask for that AAA Discount....No sir we don't give AAA Discounts.......Hum???? How about Government Employee Discounts? "No sir we don't give those kind of Discounts either!!!" Hum!!!! How about Father of the Bride Discounts??? Response " No, Not really sir" all the time I am giving Jen the answers that I'm Hearing . BEING A MAN.... that would have been it and I would have said thank you and ended the call...No Discounts. I passed the phone over to Jen and long and short of it she hashed out a DISCOUNT with the reservations lady... Score one for Jennifer.... She is good! Think it comes from all that tough work that she had to do being an assistant to that Police Chief, Deputy Chief, Assistant Chief, Three Police Commissioners and Helping out the entire Detective Div. Til next Time Gang....Jerry

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2 out of 3 Chiefs were tough