Thursday, March 19, 2009

It's Melting!....It's Melting!!

Well Gang , today is the last day of winter.. We are awaiting the 1st day of spring, arriving Friday . Looking out the back door , seems more and more ground is appearing. With that snow melting away, I am starting to see more of that left over construction garbage from under. Yesterday I found enough garbage to fill up the back of the pickup. Checking on the bee hives it appears that of the five live hives that I wintered over , two appear to have made it so far. I opened the other three and it appears that in some cases the cold killed them and in other cases they ran out of honey to get them through the winter. Yesterday I started feeding the two remaining hives, not much yet for them to get food from, no blooms as of yet . It would be a shame to lose them because they starved in the spring, so I feed. Here is a picture of Jen hitting the spinning wheel the other day. I don't really know how it works but she does some amazing things with that wheel. Bailey's interest level...........Not so much. As I said It's Melting and I also dug out the Bar-B-Q that you saw posted a few ago. So far it's looking like it's going to work... Today we try and fire it up. The other day Jen spoke about visiting a Dairy Farm , well she contacted them and today the Duncraven Farms Dairy , in Fort Plain will be delivering milk to our home. Jen also ordered Chocolate milk and I hear that is like drinking a chocolate milk shake.., Everyone raves about it. Do they have chocolate cows for that? Milk comes in glass bottles too, not sure if it's a good or bad thing. chocolate milk comes from brown cows Pictures, Images and Photos Ok , Brown cows, it comes from. Yesterday after getting some of my chores done I headed down to Dave's and checked on how the maple syrup boiling is going. Well it was working like a fine made watch. I also met Fred the maker of "The Wood Burning, Wood Stove", Fred of Albany. It appears that Fred made some fine tuning to the stove door and it's venting properly.. like I said running like a fine Swiss watch. Appears Fred is a reader of this blog and a discussion board that I moderate here in Caroga Lake. Seems he gets a good laugh from some of the posts. Hey if any of you would like to learn more about Caroga Lake here is a "Way Excellent" site about Caroga Lake.... Here is the link, turn up the sound and enjoy. It will take a few days to get through all of the history. That's it for today from this chicken pecking on a key board. Til next time gang......Jerry

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