Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Blue Line - aka Maple Syrup Tubing

A successful and pleasant St. Patrick's Day was had by all. Although we didn't get over to Latham to see our dance school perform, we did get out with Dan and Jennie for corned beef and cabbage. We had a nice time and the weather outside was remarkably warm. I went out in a sweatshirt! It was green of course, but more importantly it was a sweatshirt! We must be getting close to spring!
Jerry has been spending alot of time down the road at Daves, helping with the miles of blue tubing and enjoying his time in the great outdoors. It's maple syrup time and if you haven't been paying attention, I can tell you that we've spent alot of time diving into the facts and fantasy of tapping maple syrup. As Dave predicted, we have become hooked. As of yesterday, our property is now hosting three maple buckets on three separate trees. More will follow. We are hoping to get just a few gallons of maple syrup for our own use this year. We don't have alot of maple trees on our property, but once fall hits, we'll probably find we have more than we realize. We will mark them clearly at that time, because you can really recognize a maple tree in the fall when the leaves are turning. It's the bright orange, red and gold tree out amongst the evergreens. An easy mark. By spring time next year I'm sure you will see more trees being tapped. And if you're here for breakfast anytime, you'll have our fresh picked blueberries in the pancakes with our own maple syrup on top. We'll never get you outta here! I draw the line at churning butter, but it's why we're here too. Jerry will blog today, sharing some of his maple tapping pictures - from Dave's house to our house - it's just one big maple tapping festival! Actually, maybe the blue line of the Adirondack Park is referring to the blue tubing that is popping up everywhere. Any short drive will find a maple grove somewhere with lines of tubing criss-crossing back and forth and leading you to some type of tank system. It's alot of fun, so keep in touch!

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